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Join Save a Block from as little as E 200.00 per month.

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Yakha Nawe Savings

What is Save A Block?

Yakh Nawe is a saving facility available at NPC. Save a Block/ Yakha Nawe is open to all Eswatini citizens. Savings start from as little as E 200.00 per month.

Should you have a house plan, NPC provides a free service to quantify and provide an estimate the number of pre-cast products required.

The benefit of Save a Block is that, prices are locked for a one-year period after opening your account. You will not be affected by any price increments within the first 12 months of opening you account.

Yakha Nawe Savings


Start from as little as E200.00 and save on any of NPCs range of Products.

Yakha Nawe Savings

Why put your money in Save A Block?

Having a home is for anyone with a little extra money and a lot of dreams. While buying blocks every month to build a house, SAVE A BLOCK will give you more:

  • Your products will be new on the date of delivery
  • NPC carry the risk of keeping your products safe for the duration of you saving
  • You are ensured of the highest quality building material
  • Surplus savings can be allocated to our hardware store Hardware Solutions 
  • Reach your life goals faster
  • Invest as much as you want to
  • Price locked for 12 months
  • Get access to your products at any time
  • Change your payment amounts at any time

Just another way for us to help you reach your short-, medium- and long-term development goals.